Sunday, June 21, 2009

Adnan Abd Rahman - Happy Fathers Day

Since i did a write up for my mum on Mothers Day, so i guess, its not fair if i didn't put on any thoughts for my dad on this special day today.
The strength of a father is not based on his abilities of making kid in quantity but by his abilities in raising them (a quot by President Barrack Obama). Supprisingly, Mr President here was raised with no proper dad. His dad left him when he was two years old to continue his studies in Harvard and only return once when Mr President in his teenager years and finally leave him again for good. Even without a proper guidance from a dad, Mr President turn out to be a well educated person and finally reached the top by becoming the first black president in the states.
To know the fact that millions of kids out there were born with no dad. I thank Allah the most for his destiny to place me with such a great and wonderful dad in a beautiful family. The dad that i can rely on, teach me on every aspect (life and love), guide me when i do wrong and love me with all his heart. Eventhough, there are times when u stumbled and made mistakes, you are still the best dad i could have ask for. Your fierce characters, your humble presence, your leadership qualities were the one that shape me to who i am today. And from my deep sincerity I thank you Ayah for all of that.
There are too many things that you thought me along the way. But the one I remembered the most was when you brought me to play tennis eventhough it was raining heavily. At first, i didn't really understand why you chose to turn up in the rain coz logically tennis should be called off. But, u said something that i hold on to it till today. "When you made promises, make sure you hold to it no matter what happens and always comes earlier for any appointments, its ok if we have to wait for other people but don't let people wait for us". Such an easy words to understand but yet carries a huge responsibilities. As i grew older, i began to realize that these words plays an important role in determining one's characters. Alhamdulillah, I still hold to it today.
Ayah, how can I repay you? the best way is to always pray for your health. I pray to Allah to always take care of my dad. Take good care of him as he took utmost care to me while raising me. Ayah, I promise you that I'll be the best person i could be and i will always make you proud. So that, you know that you have pour the best lesson you could have.
Ayah, in relation to this special day today. I would love to wish you Happy Fathers Day and thank you for being the best dad. May Allah bless you always. Take care ayah.

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